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Current Students

John Bird (M.S.)

Anjan Chakrabarty (Ph.D.)

Kwok Cheng (M.S.)

Shawn Daugherty (M.S.)

Nathan Depenbusch (Ph.D.)

Nicholas Grande (M.S.)

Dmitriy Makovkin (M.S.)

Sean Quinn Marlow (Ph.D.)

John F. Quindlen (M.S.)

Zeljko Raic (M.S.)

Ben Truskin (M.S.)

Thanan Yomchinda (Ph.D. co-advised with Joe Horn)

Graduated Students

Nathan T. Depenbusch, M.S. 2011. Atmospheric Energy Harvesting for Small Uninhabited Aircraft by Gust Soaring [PDF]. Nate is currently a Ph.D. student working under my supervision.

Shane Tierney, M.S. 2010. Autorotation Path Planning using Backwards Reachable Sets and Optimal Control [PDF]. Shane is currently with RAND Corporation, Pittsburgh, PA.

Anjan Chakrabarty, M.S. 2010. Flight Path Planning of UAV Based on Atmospheric Energy Harvesting [PDF]. Anjan is currently a Ph.D. student in my lab.

John F. Quindlen, Honors B.S. 2010. John's thesis won the 2010 Wolk Award for best undergraduate thesis in Aerospace Engineering. John is currently an M.S. student in my lab.

Sean Quinn Marlow, M.S. 2009. Local Terrain Mapping for Obstacle Avoidance using Monocular Vision [PDF]. Sean is currently a Ph.D. student in my lab.

Robert Urban, Honors B.S. 2008. Biomimetic Flight for Small Uninhabited Aerial Vehicles. Robert is currently at the Naval Air Warfare Weapons Center, Patuxent River, MD.

Sana Sarfraz, M.S. 2008. Stereo Vision for Autonomous Ground-Based Tracking of Migrating Raptors [PDF]. Sana is currently with Rockwell Collins, Cedar Rapids, IA.

Jeffrey B. Corbets, M.S. 2008. Real-Time Trajectory Generation for Target Localization using Micro Air Vehicles [PDF]. Jeff is currently with Lockheed Martin (Palmdale).

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