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Jacob (Kobi) Enciu

Assistant Research Professor


  • Aerospace Engineering

207 Engineering Unit C


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Research Areas:

Flight Science; Rotorcraft Engineering; Vehicle Dynamics and Controls

Interest Areas:

Aircraft and Rotorcraft Performance, Rotorcraft Flight Dynamics ans Control, Slung Loads Dynamics.




  • Aerospace Engineering, Technion, 1989
  • Aerospace Engineering, Technion, 2000
  • Aerospace Engineering, Technion, 2014


Journal Articles

  • Jacob Enciu and Aviv Rosen, 2017, "Simulation of Coupled Helicopter–Slung Load–Pilot Dynamics", Journal of the American Helicopter Society, 62, (1), pp. 1-13
  • Jacob Enciu, Joseph F Horn and Jacob Langelaan, 2017, "Formation Control of a Rotorcraft Multilift System", JOURNAL OF THE AMERICAN HELICOPTER SOCIETY, 62, (4)
  • Jacob Enciu and Joseph F Horn, 2017, "Flight Performance Optimization of a Multilift Rotorcraft Formation", JOURNAL OF AIRCRAFT, 54, (4), pp. 1521-1538
  • Jacob Enciu and Aviv Rosen, 2017, "Simulation of Coupled Helicopter-Slung Load-Pilot Dynamics", JOURNAL OF THE AMERICAN HELICOPTER SOCIETY, 62, (1)
  • Jacob Enciu and A. Rosen, 2015, "Aerodynamic modelling of fin stabilised underslung loads", The Aeronautical Journal, 119, (1219), pp. 1073-1103
  • Jacob Enciu and A. Rosen, 2015, "Nonlinear Dynamical Characteristics of Fin-Stabilized Underslung Loads", AIAA Journal, 53, (3), pp. 723-738
  • Kobi Enciu and Aviv Rosen, 2011, "Safety Considerations for Helicopter Roll on Takeoffs", Journal of Aircraft, Vol. 48, No. 3, 2011, pp. 952-962.
  • Jacob Enciu and A. Rosen, 2011, "Helicopter Roll-On Takeoff Simulation", JOURNAL OF THE AMERICAN HELICOPTER SOCIETY, 56, (1)

Conference Proceedings

  • Jacob Enciu and Joseph F Horn, 2017, "Flight Performance Optimization of a Multi-Lift Rotorcraft Formation", American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics

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