Barnes W. McCormick Honorary Alumni Lectureship Award

The McCormick Honorary Alumni Lectureship in Aerospace Engineering was established in 2001 in honor of Dr. Barnes W. McCormick, Boeing Professor Emeritus and Department Head of Aerospace Engineering from 1969 to 1985.

The lectureship is presented twice annually by a graduate of the Department of Aerospace Engineering who has performed notably and distinguished himself or herself technically in aeronauticcs or astronautics. This award provides a means for the recipients to share their professional experiences with students and faculty of the department.

2019 McCormick Lecture

Joel Madison (’88 M.S. AERSP), chief operating officer, Sierra Nevada Corporation

  • Date: Monday, April 8
  • Time: 12:20-1:10 p.m.
  • Location: 207 Sackett Building

Refreshments will be served at a pre-seminar reception in the Aero Café in 229 Hammond.

Past Recipients and Their Lecture Titles

Fall 2017: Edward Smith (B.S. ’88)

“Penn State Vertical Lift Research Center of Excellence: 20 years of Education & Research”

Spring 2016: William W. Liou (M.S. ’86, Ph.D. ’90)

“Wait, aerodynamics and what?”

Fall 2015: Michael S. Selig (Ph.D. ’92)

“Low-Speed Airfoil Design and Application”

Spring 2015: Isaac (Michael) Ross (Ph.D. ’90)

“Unscented Optimal Control”

Fall 2014: Philip A. Balaam (Ph.D. ’97)

“From Happy Valley to Happy Valley (HK) … and back again”

Spring 2014: Stefan Bieniawski (B.S. ’89, M.S. ’92)

“Flight Testing Results for the Formation Flight for Aerodynamic Benefit Program”

Spring 2013: Thomas F. Starchville, Jr. (B.S. ’90, M.S. ’93, PhD. ’96)

“Space Debris and Space Operations”

Fall 2012: Edward V. White (B.S. ’76)

“Smart Structures Technology Development at Boeing”

Spring 2012: Robert C. Nelson (Ph.D. ’74)

“Wind Energy Research”

Fall 2011: James W. Woodburn (B.S. ’86)

“Dealing with Uncertainty in Astrodynamics”

Spring 2011: Peter J. Kunz (B.S. ’93, M.S. ’97)

“The Modern Tactical UAS, An Aerodynamicist’s Perspective”

Fall 2010: Mark E. Dreier (B.S. ’74, M.S. ’77)

“Vortex Ring State Myths”

Spring 2010: Krishnamurthy Viswanathan (Ph.D ’91)

“Aircraft Noise: Importance and Control”

Fall 2009: William J. Guzik (B.S. ’79)

“Aerospace Engineering to Medical Ultrasound: A Different Path”

Spring 2009: Daniel Kunec (B.S. ’80)

“F-35 Lighting II Program Update”

Spring 2008: David G. Miller (B.S. ’84)

“Are Pilots and Flying Qualities Engineers Still Needed”

Fall 2007: James E. McMillen (B.S. ’63)

“Personal Observations on the Development of the Commercial High Bypass Engines”

Fall 2006: Duncan B. Koerbel (B.S. ’83)

“The Business of Building Airplanes 20+ Years Since Penn State”

Fall 2005: John E. Colwell (B.S. ’59)

“Making Space Affordable and Secure”

Spring 2005: T. Alan Egolf (B.S. ’71, M.S. ’73)

“Rotorcraft Interaction Aerodynamics – A Computational Challenge”

2004: David C. Wisler (B.S. ’63)

“Engineering — What You Don’t Necessarily Learn in School.”

2003: Daniel P. Mooney (B.S. CE ’80)

“Airplanes for the 21st Century”

2001: Samuel L. Venneri (B.S. ’69)

“Pathway to the 21st Century Aerospace Systems”

2000: Barnes W. McCormick (B.S. ’48, M.S. ’49, Ph.D. ’54)



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