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Aerospace Engineering

Cengiz Camci

Cengiz Camci, Ph.D.

Professor of Aerospace Engineering

233 Hammond Building

Penn State University

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Ph.D., Applied Science, Von Karman Institute for Fluid Dynamics/Katholieke Universiteit Leuven, Convective Heat Transfer and Fluid Dynamics, Belgium, 1985

Postgraduate Diploma, Von Karman Institute for Fluid Dynamics, Aerothermodynamics of Turbomachinery, Belgium, 1980

M.S., Mechanical Engineering, Heat Transfer Option, Bosphorus University, Turkey, 1979

B.S., Mechanical Engineering, Technical University of Istanbul, Turkey, 1977

Honors and Awards

NASA Lewis Research Center, Technology Utilization Office, Cleveland, Ohio; Invited lecturer/von Karman Institute Lecture Series (1996),

DOE/SCERDC 1999 aculty Fellowship, Visiting Faculty Fellowship from Ecole Centrale Lyon/CNRS, France;

1999 Best Paper Award from the Education Committee of the ASME International Gas Turbine Institute IGTI for the paper entitled ďA Student-Executed, Industrial Gas Turbine Design Project with an Industrial Deadline", invited lecturer/von Karman Institute Lecture Series (2004),

Invited Mission Consultant to NATO/RTO (Research & Technology Office) (May 2004), ASME fellow (February 2007).

Research Interests

Aerothermodynamics of turbomachinery, analytical and experimental fluid mechanics, heat transfer in air breathing propulsion systems, turbine cooling, turbulent heat flux modelling, heat transfer research in hot/cold cascades, periodic and turbulent heat transfer in unsteady fluid mechanics, finite element strategies for the computation of viscous flow and heat transfer for turbomachinery systems, unsteady augmentation of convective heat transfer in coolant passages, implementation of chiral-nematic liquid crystals in heat transfer research, solid state diode lasers in Doppler velocimetry, digital image processing for heat transfer and unsteady fluid dynamics, fast response instrumentation, particle image velocimetry, turbine tip section heat transfer and film cooling, trailing edge cooling, edge cooling heat transfer, pressure sensitive paints, sand erosion of helicopter blades turbine casing treatment and aerodynamic tip desensitization of axial flow turbines, ducted fan aerodynamics for VTOL UAV systems, non-axisymmetric endwall contouring in axial flow turbines.