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Dr. Sven Schmitz  –  XTurb

Assistant Professor of Aerospace Engineering


The XTurb-PSU code is being actively developed in Dr. Schmitz’s research group at Penn State. In its present form, XTurb-PSU is capable of analyzing wind turbine blade designs in rotating and parked conditions subject to steady inflow. The code uses either classical Blade Element Momentum Theory (BEMT) or a Helicoidal Vortex Method (HVM) developed by Prof. J. J. Chattot at UC Davis for the prediction of blade loads.

Current developments include : Spanwise blending of airfoil data, Stall-Delay modeling, Blade design optimization using evolutionary algorithms.

Dr. Schmitz integrates active research on XTurb-PSU into the teaching of his graduate course “Wind Turbine Aerodynamics (AERSP 583)”.

Get the   XTurb-PSU_UserManual   here

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